Home Away From Home

The clink of hard-won coin in your hands, the boundless admiration from kith and kin, and the endless cycle of adventure. If these words stoke the flames beneath your breast then hearken to the call of [HOME]

Here at Home Away From Home, we strive to foster an environment where a variety of individuals can feel comfortable and at home with us. We are an RP-centric free company located in Plot 38, 15th Ward, Mists (small) on Balmung. We are open and accepting to many, and we are LGBTQ+ friendly.

We offer an adventurer guild-styled roleplay coupled with the comforts of tavern relations and work. We are an RP/PVE focused FC that dabbles in maps, mount hunts and even raiding.

Interested in joining us? Please feel free to join our discord, apply, or whisper a member in-game. It's the best way to contact us.


HUNT: Mother May I

TIME: 5pm PST | 8pm EST
IC MEET UP LOCATION: Ul'dah - The Steps of Thal: Gladiators' Guild
IC EVENT LOCATION: Thanalan - Central Thanalan: Cutter's Cry

MISSION RANK: Standard (Iron-plates and up, copper-plates attended by a gold plate or above!)

Ul'dah calls out for stalwart adventurers for sally forth into the desert and slay an overstuffed Great Ant Queen. Too many of her children have survived predatory attacks and she continues to breed, purge the queen and any of her brood who rise up to stop you! Bonus coin for each ant head returned.


Weekly Events

  • Sunday (05/10) - Free Day

  • Monday (05/11) - Tavern Night ( 6pm PST | 9pm EST )

  • Tuesday (05/12) - Raid Reset ( 5pm PST | 8pmEST )

  • Wednesday (05/13) - Free Day

  • Thursday (05/14) - Memoria EX Prog/Farm ( 5pm PST | 8pm EST )

  • Friday (05/15) - HUNT: "Mother May I" ( 5pm PST | 8pm EST )

  • Saturday (05/16) - Free Day

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